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Pet Services


Dog grooms include

the following:

Ears plucked & cleaned

• Annals expressed (if


• Nails trimmed & grinded (if fur baby takes to


•Teeth brushed with a gel

paste that assists in

breaking up tarter

followed by a bacteria


• Two shampoos (type

depends on the needs of

the skin & coat)

• Moisturizing treatment

• Complete brush out &

fluff dry

• Haircut/undercoat


• Cologne spray/bows or


What our customers are saying

We have a 16 year old Austrian Shepard who has a long coat and undercoat that Petco or Petsmart would not groom any longer because Raz has issues with standing for a long period of time! So they said since he can't stand for the grooming, they could not do it! So we were told about Christiane Grooming At Home from a friend and she came to our house were Raz is most relaxed, and did the grooming there! She is great and has vast experience in older dogs that have issues of old age! I would recommend her to anyone looking to take the stress out of grooming at a salon or the bid dog stores and call and make an appointment with Grooming At Home !

Roy C. - Pleased pet parent!

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