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Only the best for your furry ones!

A different kind
of grooming!!

Grooming At Home operates  differently from the average grooming process. Grooming  can be an extremely stressful experience for fur babies. The hustle and bustle in busy salons increases their stress level which can lead to behavior concerns during and sometimes after grooming. Grooming fur baby in a home setting (either your home or ours) removes 90% of the stressful triggers that accompany grooms. No ringing phones, starting and stopping grooms, working on fur babies simultaneously. We do not use kennels or crates under any circumstances. Instead your fur baby receives one on one care from start to finish! We schedule one household at a time, do not take any phone calls or respond to messages during grooms. This provides a much safer groom session and allows time for our groomers to bond with fur baby and build trust. 

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